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Read about some immediate steps you can take to start managing your incontinence.


Once you start treating your incontinence, it will take some time for you to see improvement in your condition.  But, if you are experiencing incontinence for the first time in your life, you are likely looking for some immediate ways to manage it right now.  You will be glad to know that there are a slew of products that can help you manage leaks, nighttime accidents, and other symptoms. 

Absorbent Products

Check out your local drugstore or online retailer for a good absorbent product or collection device.  A first line of defense for many, there are hundreds of different absorbent products available.  Learn more about the different types of adult absorbent products here.  An absorbent product may be all you need to manage your incontinence for the first few weeks, and even indefinitely.  After you’ve taken the steps below, you may want to reassess the products you are using, and, if you feel that further assistance is needed, talk with your healthcare provider for additional recommendations.

While most absorbent products can be found in your local drugstore you may feel more comfortable using a home delivery service.  These services allow you to shop online and have the product discreetly shipped to your home.  

Keeping Clean

Incontinence can present some additional challenges when it comes to staying sanitary.  In addition, keeping your skin healthy can also become a priority.  There are several different products that may be used to cleanse and protect your skin.  Learn more about how to stay clean and odor free here.

Step 2:  Assess Your Condition