Support Tools and Resources

The key to dealing with incontinence is not letting it dictate how you are going to live your life. It is understandable that some procedures or products might, at first, seem embarrassing. “Wear an adult diaper? Never.” But that thinking is shortsighted and will inevitably restrict what you can do. And that would be the real shame. As stated on our home page, we need to move past what could be “embarrassing” and put that energy towards controlling what we can.

We are continually researching and compiling as much useful information as we can on this site, including this tool section to help you navigate the many helpful options available. Use this information to get a better handle on what might work for your condition. This can help make discussing your concerns with your physician easier. It will also have you up to speed with terms and options so that any diagnosis or management plan won’t be alien to you.