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NAFC Trusted Resources

NAFC Trusted Resources For Absorbents And Catheters

Finding someone you can trust is hard. Especially when you're first starting to explore the world of incontinence. How do you know what absorbent product will work best for you? Do you need briefs or pads? How do you use catheters and how do you know what brand will best accommodate your condition. We're here to help. Over the course of the last 30 years, NAFC has partnered with many great companies to provide you with education and tools that you can count on. But there's only so far we can take you. That's where these companies come in. The companies listed below are ones who have helped NAFC fulfill it's mission of continuing to bring you education, tools and resources at no cost to you, and also offer a great product to their customers. Give them a call. Talk to their trained experts. Let them guide you to a product that will work specifically with your condition. Best of all, these companies offer home delivery service so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get the products you need.


Comfort Medical 

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Aeroflow Healthcare offers top quality medical grade incontinence products and catheters. The incontinence products feature whisper quite cloth-like material, superabsorbency, and odor guard technology. Aeroflow also carries all major brands of catheters for men, women, and children.

When you chose Aeroflow, you will have a dedicated representative. That means whenever you contact Aeroflow, you’ll talk to the same person.  Each month they will contact at you at your preferred time by your preferred method of contact. Your dedicate rep will also assist you with any sizing and customer service issues, ensuring that your product selection is customized for your individual needs and preferences. Your representative will generate an order for your physician, fax them, and do all necessary paper for your insurance.

We’ll ensure you receive the maximum benefits available, and we’ll even ship your supplies directly to your door each month in discreet unmarked packaging, at no cost.

Visit Aeroflow at for more information.


Live Anew

Over 100,000 people trust LiveAnew as the best place to buy incontinence products including pads, pull-on underwear, and briefs.  LiveAnew provides 100’s of products from more than a dozen manufacturers.  Take advantage of a free product consultation with LiveAnew's experts at 1-800-411-3008.  Get YOUR exact best product right now!


All NAFC readers get 10% off order at LiveAnew, by using or mentioning “NAFC” as the coupon code.


Home Delivery Incontinence Supply