Encourage others to start talking and gain control of their bladder health!  We've made it simple for you to share National Bladder Health Week news, resources, tips and tools with your friends, family and healthcare providers.  We have a variety of  simple activities you can choose from to promote awareness of bladder health.  They are cut and paste one of the sample newsletter or emails below.


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NAFC #GivingTuesday HCP Contest


Help us raise awareness of incontinence and support the millions of Americans who live with this condition every day. Our goal this #GivingTuesday is to help more people live a Life Without Leaks.  


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We know that it's not always possible for everyone to give, but you can still make a difference by raising money for Bladder Health! Set up a Fundraiser for NAFC on Facebook - it's a great way to contribute and get your friends and family involved! Plus, set up is easy - it only takes about 5 minutes to get you fundraiser going. 

Incontinence can affect anyone, and likely touches someone you know. Watch How NAFC Has Helped Others Live A Life Without Leaks

Lauren's Story

Alan's Story

Kelsey's Story

It's a common misconception that incontinence is an "old person's condition". While incontinence may be more prevalent in an older population, the truth is, it can occur in anyone. New moms, athletes, men and women of all ages, adolescents and young adults - it is a condition that knows no boundaries, and prevents those who live with it from living their best life. 

NAFC has long been an advocate, supporter and resource to those with incontinence, providing education, community and management tips to over 1,000,000 people each year. Help us continue our tradition of providing men and women with the support they need to overcome incontinence and learn to live a Life Without Leaks.