Encourage others to start talking and gain control of their bladder health!  We've made it simple for you to share National Bladder Health Week news, resources, tips and tools with your friends, family and healthcare providers.  We have a variety of  simple activities you can choose from to promote awareness of bladder health.  They are cut and paste one of the sample newsletter or emails below.


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How To Create A Fundraiser On Facebook

Learn how to create your own NAFC Fundraiser on Facebook with a few simple steps!

Facebook Fundraiser (1).png

We know that it's not always possible for everyone to give - even if you want to. But you are still able to make an impact (or grow your own!) by creating your own fundraiser on Facebook. Creating a fundraiser is easy and is a great way to invite your friends and family to contribute to a cause that's important to you. 

How To create a Facebook fundraiser for NAFC

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Click Raise Money
  3. Select Nonprofit/Charity
  4. Select BHealth as your chosen Nonprofit (NAFC's Official Facebook Page), choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details
  5. Click Create

A Few Tips For To Make Your Fundraiser More Successful:

  1. Choose an engaging photo. Choose one of the NAFC page photos that Facebook suggests, or use one from our NAFC Facebook Fundraiser Tool Kit! (Download the toolkit below!)

  2. Make it personal. Let others know why NAFC is important to you and why you'd like them to donate. Sharing your own experience is great, or you may choose to incorporate some statistics and facts about incontinence from the NAFC Facebook Fundraiser Tool Kit to support your cause.

  3. Invite your Facebook network! Make sure to share your fundraiser on your Facebook page and invite your friends to participate. 

Share Your Story With Us!

We know that every great fundraiser has a powerful story to share about why they do what they do. Tell us, in 100 words or less, why you created a fundraiser for NAFC and you may be featured in an upcoming issue of the NAFC newsletter, On The Go! All stories may remain anonymous.