Bladder And Bowel Health Message Boards

Do you have a question about your bladder or bowel condition and want to hear firsthand accounts from others like you?  Maybe you just need to vent a little to others who might understand what you’re going through. Or maybe you're looking to share the insights you've learned from living with incontinence.

Connecting with others who share a similar situation can be a great way to learn, and does wonders for your well-being. So many people living with incontinence are too embarrassed to talk to someone about - even their doctor! That’s why we’ve created the NAFC Message Boards - it’s a safe place where you can share your questions, tips, frustrations, and successes. This is a wonderfully supportive community of people and is a great place to anonymously talk about what you’re experiencing, ask questions, share support, and connect with others - even when you feel you are alone.

No matter what your reason to connect, there's a vital, active community waiting for you at the NAFC Message Boards. No judgment, no shame - we invite you to click below and join the conversation!