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Despite what you may have heard, incontinence is not a condition that you have to "learn to live with." It can be treated - and treated successfully. Simply put, there is no reason whatsoever that most of us should have to suffer with wetness and embarrassment and discomfort. That goes for people who have serious symptoms as well as those with only occasional problems. 

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That's why NAFC has introduced its new "Life Without Leaks" campaign. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on bladder leakage and show men and women of any age and with a range of conditions that there is hope. Life is possible without leaks. To see for yourself, watch the videos below, read the stories and explore more of our site to learn all that you can about the treatments, tips and tactics to help you avoid bladder leaks.



There were a lot of changes I figured I might have to deal with when I had my prostate removed, but bladder leakage wasn’t one of them. But sure enough, right after my surgery, there it was. I would bend down to pick up my grandkids and get more than I bargained for. Forget about doing sports – physical activity of any type was a sure way to set things off. That’s when I turned to NAFC. They had a ton of information online that helped point me in the right direction. I used their doctor finder to see a specialist nearby who had a real treatment plan for me. And their forums helped me get in touch with others going through the same thing, so I knew I wasn’t alone. Thank goodness for the folks at NAFC – they made a difference that literally changed my life.                                                                                                   

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I always used to think that a little bladder leakage was just a part of getting older. But when ‘a little’ started to turn into ‘a lot,’ I knew I needed to find help. After all, I’ve always been an active person – jogging, yoga, cycling, travel, you name it – and I wasn’t about to let bladder problems stop me from doing the things I loved. That’s when I found NAFC. They helped me realize that bladder leakage isn’t inevitable, and that there are real solutions out there for people like me. I found a great physician through their doctor finder and a whole community of people going through the same things I was. It was comforting to know that I wasn’t alone and that I had people I could talk to. Honestly, if it weren’t for the folks at NAFC, I don’t know where I’d be today. The only thing I do know is that I wouldn’t be back on track, exercising and living life on my terms.

Kelsey's Story

Over 37 million people live with bladder control issues. Incontinence can happen to anyone - men, women, young or old.  And many people who struggle with incontinence don't seek help, because they are embarrassed, or they think it's just a function of getting older.  But it's not normal, and definitely not something that anyone should have to live with, especially with so many treatment paths to choose from. Help NAFC make a difference in the lives of so many people by making a donation today. Your gift will go toward keeping NAFC a free resource to those who need it, providing them with education, tools, and a support community. Life is possible without leaks. Help us spread the word. Donate today. 

There are so many wonderful, unexpected changes that you discover when you’re a new mother, but not every change is a welcome one. Shortly after my delivery, I noticed that my bladder just wasn’t working the way it always had. To be blunt, I had leakage. I was embarrassed and uncomfortable and didn’t have any idea if things would ever get better. Then I found NAFC, and they helped me understand that my problem was a lot more common than I realized. Mothers everywhere go through the same thing, and so many of them never find out that they can do something about it. With the resources NAFC provided, I was able to find a gynecologist who really knew her stuff, and that made all the difference. Of course, the process did take a little time, and while I was getting better, the NAFC forums helped me talk with others in the same boat, with support that was encouraging and reassuring and motivating when I needed it most. Thanks to NAFC, I was able to recapture the joy of being a mom.