Content Licensing

Adding NAFC content to your website and printed materials is possible. Below are ways NAFC shares and licenses content to third parties. All content produced by NAFC is reviewed and approved by medical and health experts.

Article Service

Each month a few of NAFC's articles will be available to download for use in your publications free-of-charge. The following text and logo should be included along with each article:
©2014 The National Association For Continence all rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from the National Association For Continence. 1-800-BLADDER (toll-free) on the web at

NAFC Blogs

NAFC encourages 3rd party websites and blogs to copy, reprint, publish or reproduce blogs on the condition that the user credits the blog post to NAFC and the authors of the posts and provide a link to the original blog post. The following text must accompany any blog that is used:

"This material [blog] was published by the National Association For Continence. Click here to read the original post: [URL of the blog post]."

"This material [blog] was created by the National Association For Continence and appeared on its blog (, or"

Fillable PDFs

To order fillable PDFs, that can include your logo and contact information, and you are not a professional member, NAFC will provide you with a downloadable file of that leaflet/pamphlet's PDF for $250 per year. Contact to purchase a fillable PDF.

As a benefit of a professional membership, there is no cost for use of fillable pdf's.  To order, please contact NAFC at

Using Text and Images

To use the text and images from NAFC leaflets/pamphlets on a website as content for web pages, NAFC will license the text and images from that leaflet/pamphlet for $250 per year along with listing NAFC as the source of this content.

NAFC is not responsible for the content published on a website that displays NAFC as a source. NAFC reserves the right to ask any website or blog that has listed NAFC as a source to remove its copyrighted content.

Contact NAFC's manager of media relations and communications at to purchase the rights to this content.

NAFC Leaflets and Pamphlets

NAFC pamphlets are available free to consumers, there is a nominal charge to cover the cost of postage and handling - per order.  Professional members can order bulk quantities (for use with patients) at a discounted prices.  For those professional members that would prefer to customize and download materials, NAFC will  will provide a downloadable, high-resolution file that can be used for professional printing. Contact NAFC's manager of fund development for pricing at