Home Care Pros and Cons


Obviously one of the biggest advantages of home care is that the person in need is in a familiar and comfortable environment. That cannot be underestimated in the overall health and well-being of the person in care. 

Likewise, there is a big financial incentive for in-home care if the family is providing the care.  This keeps costs at the minimum. Of course, the savings must be weighed against the care needed. At some point, the time and physical exertion of care can become overwhelming.

When that becomes a reality, professional care will most likely be needed.  When a trained professional is hired for in-home care, the cost of this type of care can be more expensive than assisted living.  Think of it this way: If there is need for 24 hour care, that means three caregivers working eight-hour shifts, seven days a week. That can be prohibitively expensive despite the desire to keep a loved on in their home.


Conversely, the biggest advantage of assisted living homes is that they offer a level of care that is based on the resident’s individual needs. Some residents simply need help with day-to-day living chores, while others may need a more extensive level of care.  Assisted living arrangements also allow individuals to maintain their independence and personal dignity for the longest time possible.

Additionally, an assisted living home offers older individuals the opportunity to socialize and be around other people in a way that living at home does not. This social interaction allows them to lead a fuller life. 

Financial strain is often cited as the biggest con to assisted living. It also forces the resident to give up their home and many priced possession due to the size of the living quarters. Aside from the creature comforts, this move can be traumatic and upset the health of the resident. 


As with most health decisions, choosing between at home care versus assisted living is a very personal decision. Gathering thoughts and opinions from medical experts as well as family members will give you much needed perspective. Know that you are seeking the best situation possible for your loved one, and your final decision will be the best one you can make.