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Learn about the resources NAFC has to offer patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Education for #bladderleakage, OAB, bed wetting, and more. 


Incontinence can be an imposing word. For many people, it is embarrassing and challenging to even say. Just as likely, millions of people will refuse that they have it. “I just pee a little when I laugh.” Or “Sure, I have a few bladder leaks occasionally, but it’s just because I’m getting older. Doesn’t everyone?” Believe it or not, what those are describing is #incontinence, not “just the way life goes.” If you are experiencing symptoms like these or other symptoms detailed on this site, your body is telling you that something is out of order.

While it might be uncomfortable to learn that you are dealing with incontinence and not some insignificant complaint, over 25 million people in the USA are in the same situation and live with #bladderleakage. The good news is, most cases of incontinence are treatable or at the very least manageable. The first step is getting informed.

That is why we are here. The focus of the National Association for Continence is to provide quality continence care through education, collaboration, and advocacy. We offer up many different avenues so you can start to have important and meaningful conversation about your experience with incontinence. Here you can read in-depth explanations and get straight talk about every type of incontinence condition from medical experts. We can even help you connect with physicians local to you who specialize in dealing with this life-altering condition.

You can also gain insight and helpful life tips from our blogs, written by people sharing your condition. Of course, our forum allows you to add your voice to the discussion and join a supportive, helpful community. 

We’re not afraid to talk about our bodies or their functions. When something abnormal happens, we should all feel comfortable in discussing it. There is no shame in being human. So it’s time we get past the embarrassment and get on with gaining control.

Our site is designed to help you move past the unnecessary shame and start getting the right information, the right doctor, and the right help. We want to be your go-to resource for the most up-to-date methods in treating incontinence and help you live your life to the fullest.

We’re glad you’re here. Onwards!