Lily Bird

Tell Your Bladder Who’s Boss

Lily Bird is for all of us women with leaky laughs and dribble dilemmas. We squeeze when we sneeze and drip when we jump. And we think it's high time we stop saying sorry for the spritz.

Lily Bird

Bladder Leak Products, Delivered

With Lily Bird you get pads and disposable underwear delivered to your home so you can feel confident leaving it.

What Our Customers Love

  • Start with a free trial

  • Convenient & discreet delivery - skip the store!

  • Sleek & comfortable pads and underwear

  • Ultra absorbent products with odor-lock technology

  • Free shipping

  • Cancel anytime (yes, really)

  • Add, skip, or adjust shipments anytime

Lily Bird


Lily Bird pads are designed specially for leaks and absorb faster than a runaway train. Plus, their long and sleek profile fits discreetly and comfortably under anything in your closet. Say goodbye to the fear of the unexpected sneeze.

Disposable Underwear

Disposable Underwear

Lily Bird underwear absorbs and locks in odor at lightning speed. Plus, their flexible fabric and contoured shape makes them comfortable under anything in your closet. You can wave “Adios” to planning your life around bathroom breaks. 👋

How It Works

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Get 10 sample products. Try 'em on for size. Because you should get exactly what you want.

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Your 1st monthly shipment says "Adios" to our warehouse. Don't like your trial? Just cancel, no problem.

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You're the boss of your monthly shipments. Skip, pause, or swap products. Cancel anytime. Really.

Teach Your Bladder New Tricks

Stop praying to the porcelain gods and start teaching your bladder new tricks. Our newsletter, The Chirp, provides health and wellness tips and tricks for savvy women. We’ve got you covered on everything from bladder leaks to menopause.

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