Our Story

Millions of seniors and people with disability suffer from loss of bladder control, also known as incontinence. Incontinence affects seniors, individuals with disabilities, new mothers, youth and children. It is an issue that is very common and is sparsely discussed due to stress, embarrassment and humiliation. Incontinence occurs when the pelvic muscles are too weak and inactive.There are other causes of incontinence too, such as prostate problems and nerve damage.


At DFree®, it is our mission to empower people who live with incontinence to live with dignity and independence. DFree, is the first wearable device to predict when you need to go the toilet. A non-invasive device that is placed on the lower abdomen and uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor the change in bladder size. The data collected is then analyzed using a patented algorithm to predict toilet timing.  The notification is sent to a smartphone or tablet used by the patient, nurse or caregiver, to inform when it is necessary to go to the bathroom.  

Designed primarily for seniors and people with disabilities who suffer from loss of bladder control, it continuously monitors the bladder and sends timely notifications to your phone when the bladder is almost full, so you can can plan bio-breaks ahead of time. This device will also significantly reduce burden for caregivers who work with multiple patients at a given point of time.

DFree is developed by Triple.W., and it is truly the first of its kind. There are currently no wearable devices that can be worn around the clock and help with toilet-time prediction.

There are two types of DFree devices on market - DFree® Personal and DFree® Professional.

DFree Personal is designed for use by individuals and family care providers.  DFree Personal sends notification to your phone or tablet to inform when you or your family member needs to go to the bathroom. 

DFree Professional is designed for use by hospitals, nursing homes and in-home care agencies.  DFree Professional pairs with a base station to upload patient’s urination status to the cloud to enable remote monitoring by physicians, nurses and professional care providers.

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About Triple W

Triple W’s mission is to empower people with incontinence to live without worries.  Triple W develops DFree®, the first wearable device to predict when you need to go to the toilet.  DFree’s sensor uses ultrasound to continuously monitor your bladder and sends notification to your phone when your bladder is almost full so you know when to go resulting in less “accidents.”  The device is designed to not only help people with incontinence improve quality of life and enable independence, but to also help reduce the burden for the caregivers. 

DFree can help millions of elderly and disabled people who suffer from incontinence every day.  We believe that having control of your senses is the key to independence and living your life to the fullest.

Triple W, founded in 2015, has offices in Tokyo, Paris and San Diego.