Congratulations on being a designated Center of Excellence.  In order to continue to hold this designation, you are required to submit a recertification form, as well as submit the fees associated with recertification.  Please click here to download the recertification application, then submit your completed application and recertification fees to NAFC.  

Recertification fees are as follows (recertification is valid for 5 years):

  • Application Fee: $2500

  • Facility: $4500 for 5 years

  • Physicians: $300 per physician, per year for 5 years, or $1200 per physician paid in full at time of recertification*.

*Additional doctors added at time of recertification must pay the initial $300 application fee, as well as $300 fee per year for five years.

Thank you for your continued commitment to excellent patient care.