What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a treatment option for individuals needing assistance understanding where and how to activate their pelvic floor.

Biofeedback treatment is primarily composed of two types of sensors that are placed on the body to measure muscle activity by detecting and recording electrical activity. Patients work with biofeedback therapists to flex and relax muscles to gauge muscle strength, and also help the patient become aware of activating these specific muscles. By better identifying these muscles and learning how to activate them, patients learn how to more easily control their incontinence.

what is biofeedback

Two types of sensors can be used in biofeedback therapy and both are effective in measuring muscle activity. Either small tampon-like sensors are placed in the vagina or an external “stick-on” type of sensor can be placed just outside the anal opening. The most common error that some individuals make in performing pelvic floor muscle exercises is using their abdominal muscles instead of the pelvic floor muscles.

While this whole thing may sound a bit intrusive, improvement in symptoms may be seen in as little as three sessions. With biofeedback, you can learn to stop using the wrong muscles and start using the correct ones.

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