Think Bedwetting Is A Children's Issue? Think Again. Bedwetting In Adults Is More Common Than You Realize.

Bedwetting In adults is very prevalent

We’ve been talking about adult bedwetting this month, a condition that affects over 5,000,000 people in the United States.  For those who don’t deal with this situation nightly, it may seem not seem to be a big deal, but for the millions that pray every night to wake up dry, it can be a source of constant worry, frustration, and embarrassment.  

NAFC recently conducted an online survey in an effort to better understand the types of things adults who struggle with bedwetting go through. In just one month, we received a total of over 600 responses from both patients and caregivers detailing the specifics of their bedwetting, what they do to manage it, and the extent to which the condition affects them.  

What we heard was very surprising.

The age range of those experiencing bedwetting varied greatly, but surprisingly, the majority of respondents were neither very young or old – falling within the ages of 18-44.   And while 1/3 had only been suffering for a few months, over half of our respondents had been dealing with bedwetting for 2 years or more.  

And yet, even though many struggle with this condition for years, over 60% had never talked to their doctor about the problem, and 71% have not been diagnosed with an incontinence condition.

However, the lack of diagnosis does not mean that this condition does not bother them.  Most people who visited came because bedwetting was affecting their quality of life, and their personal relationships.  They are frustrated, and are looking for treatments to their bedwetting.  And, when asked what the biggest challenge is, “Embarrassment” topped the list, which explains why many likely do not seek treatment from a professional.  In fact, embarrassment is such a big factor with adult bedwetting, that it prevents not only lifestyle – like visiting or hanging out with friends, and productivity at work - but in several cases, it even prevents people from  making major life decisions, like getting married, because they are too afraid of someone else finding out about their condition.

For Caregivers, keeping things clean and getting their loved one to talk about their bedwetting problem was the biggest challenge.  Many people who wet the bed do not want to address the issue – again, because they are embarrassed, and are afraid of how their loved one will view them.

Armed with these results, we at NAFC have committed ourselves to providing greater help to those struggling with bedwetting.  This month, in combination with HDIS, we launched the NAFC Dry Night Solution Kit, designed specifically for adults who wet the bed.  

Patients who sign up for the kit will receive an email with access to educational brochures about bedwetting, as well as a dedicated number they can call to reach a qualified representative, and discuss the types of problems they are having.  The representative will ask several detailed questions (how much leakage, how often, how many times per night/per week, etc.) and will assemble a custom kit designed specifically for the patient.  And, because getting the right fit for a product is so important, the rep is also trained to provide fit recommendations to ensure that the products that they send out will work well for the individual.  

“We are delighted to offer this bedwetting kit as a resource for those touched by this condition,” says Steven Gregg, Executive Director of NAFC.  “Too many people suffer from adult bedwetting and we believe this kit will help them find the tools they need to manage and treat the condition.  We hope that the ease of getting a kit will further reduce the shame and embarrassment that comes along with this condition.”

To speak with a professional representative, and to order your kit, sign up here.