Want To Make A Difference For NAFC This Holiday Season? Here's How To Give Back.

Learn How To Make A difference For Those With Incontinence

Learn How To Make A difference For Those With Incontinence

Another year will soon come to a close and we hope that we’ve made enough of a difference in helping you managing your incontinence that you’ll consider giving something back. NAFC is a small non-profit with all the expenses of a large organization: website upkeep and maintenance, staff, and the development of continued educational tools and programs for those touched by incontinence.

While only a small amount of those who visit our website or read this blog typically give to NAFC, if everyone donated even a small amount, it would be enough to help us reach our goals and continue our mission of raising awareness of and de-stigmatizing. If you’d like to give back to us in some way, but aren’t sure how, read the suggestions below:

  1. Make A Donation. The most straightforward way to help us is to make a donation to NAFC. Your donation will go toward developing new programs and tools, keeping our information up to date, and advocating for quality standards for absorbent products. Donate today.

  2. Consider a gift to NAFC on Giving Tuesday! On Giving Tuesday, November 27th, 2018, starting at 8 AM EST, Facebook and Paypal are matching donations, up to $7 Million Dollars! Plus, Facebook is waiving all normal fees associated with donating. Give to NAFC through our Facebook page and help us take advantage of this great opportunity to double our dollars!

  3. Start Your Own Fundraiser To Raise Money For NAFC On Facebook. We know it’s not always possible to give, but you can still make a difference by creating your own fundraiser for NAFC on Facebook. It’s easy!

  4. Make A Difference When You Shop For Holiday Gifts! Support our cause during the holiday season by shopping through AmazonSmile or GoodShop and selecting the National Association For Continence as your non-profit recipient. (Tip: You can do this all year long – not just during the holiday season!)

  5. Become A Professional Member Of NAFC If You’re A Healthcare Professional. Membership comes with great benefits including a new member kit, invitations to participate in round table discussions, opportunities to be featured on our blog or in our newsletter, and the knowledge that you are helping support an organization that is much needed by your patients. Learn more about membership and join us today!

  6. Buy Your Whole Office A Corporate Membership! Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your office? Become a Corporate Member of NAFC! Corporate members receive all the benefits of a normal membership, at a discounted rate. Learn more about our Corporate Membership offering here and sign up today!

We’re proud to support those with incontinence through education, community and advocacy.  We hope that this year you’ll include us in your giving plans so that we can continue our mission of helping everyone learn to live a Life Without Leaks!

Giving Tuesday Is November 27th, 2018! Make NAFC A Part Of Your Giving Plans!

Give To NAFC on Giving Tuesday, 2018!

Give To NAFC on Giving Tuesday, 2018!

Giving Tuesday is a time to take a break from all the excitement of the holidays and excess and focus on something that truly matters: giving back and helping those who need it. 

There are many worthy causes out there, but this year we hope you will consider making a donation to NAFC on Giving Tuesday. As you know, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that everyone living with incontinence has the tools and resources they need to overcome this condition – a condition that that can cause sadness, isolation, embarrassment and even depression.

There are 35 million Americans who live with a bladder or bowel condition. Help us continue to provide them with the education, community and tools they need to live a life without leaks.

 Ways you can give:

  • Make A Donation On Our Facebook Page!  On Giving Tuesday, PayPal is partnering with Facebook to match donations made through Facebook up to 7 Million dollars!!!  Plus, Facebook is waiving all their fees which makes it an ideal time to give.  Donate here:  www.facebook.com/BHealth.NAFC

  • Donate on our website!  You can easily make a donation right from www.NAFC.org/donate.   

  • Make a difference while you shop!  Bookmark this link and use it to shop with Amazon Smile.  Just select The National Association For Continence as your chosen charity and a portion of all your purchases will go to NAFC!

Please consider a gift to NAFC on Giving Tuesday. 35 million Americans are depending on it.  

Thank you,

The National Association For Continence


What Exactly Does NAFC Do?....A Lot.

What Does NAFC Do?

What Does NAFC Do?

As a visitor to this blog and website, you probably know that NAFC exists to help those with incontinence. In fact, our mission is pretty clear:  The National Association For Continence is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with incontinence, voiding dysfunction, and related pelvic floor disorders. Our purpose is to be the leading source for public education and advocacy about the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and management alternatives for incontinence. 

Simply put, we don’t think anyone should have to live with bladder leaks. NAFC strives to de-stigmatize incontinence, promote preventative measures, and motivate individuals to seek treatment.

But have you ever wondered how we do all this? Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the ways we’re working every day to support our mission:

We’re providing high-quality information that you can trust.

NAFC creates and publishes (with the help of qualified healthcare professionals) information about all types of bladder and bowel health conditions and makes it all available through our website, NAFC.org, for anyone and everyone to learn from. We offer free brochures, tools to help you manage your condition, regularly updated stories and blogs from patients living with incontinence and experts on the condition, and even a way to find a doctor near you. We offer Healthcare Professionals tools for their office, free courses they can use in their community to educate patients, and up to date information about incontinence and the incontinence market. Above all else, we want people to be educated about their condition and to know the options available to them.

We’re raising awareness.  

Our high quality content means nothing if we’re not able to get it to the people who need us. We are a small organization, with even smaller budgets. But despite that, we’ve managed to reach quite a large number of people with our message. In the past 12 months, we’ve had nearly 1 million people visit our website. Our efforts in social media and online advertising have had over 10 million impressions.  On a monthly basis we send our newsletter, filled with tips, management tools, and news on incontinence to over 10,000 people. And our awareness campaign this past year has helped show millions that a “Life Without Leaks” is a very real possibility.

We’re providing community.  

NAFC’s message boards are filled with nearly 2,000 active users and were visited 30,000 times in the past year.  Our message boards have become a safe haven for those looking for advice from others going through similar things, or for those who just need to talk to someone who understands. Our goal when creating the message boards was to build an open, safe place where people can speak freely about their condition with no judgment. And judging by the number of people participating, we think we’ve done that. NAFC also maintains an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to help foster community and interact with those looking for information on incontinence.

We’re advocates for quality standards.

Did you know that not all absorbent products are created equally? NAFC has long been an advocate for quality standards across adult absorbent products to ensure products are made with safe materials, are created with multiple sizing options and absorbency levels in mind, and are effective in keeping moisture away from the skin to prevent irritation.  We’ve published standards for disposable absorbent products and have created a Task Force that had been working to make it easier for states to adopt these standards. Learn more about our efforts here.

NAFC works tirelessly everyday to bring you quality information and to provide a community where you can learn and connect with others. And we’re fighting every day to ensure you have quality products to help you manage your condition. But we need your help to continue. All of our hard work also comes with expenses: website and server upkeep and maintenance, the development of new educational content, tools and programs, and the staff to support all of our advocacy and awareness efforts.

Will you help us this season by making a donation to NAFC? Our continued success depends on you. And with over 25 million people in the US living with incontinence, we still have a long way to go. If NAFC has made even a small difference in your life, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.

We’re proud to serve you and to be bringing awareness to this condition that so often causes shame, embarrassment, and a reduced quality of life. Help us continue by making a donation today!

Please Give To NAFC This Holiday Season

Dear Readers,

We’ve often quoted that incontinence affects over 37 million Americans.  And while this number may not mean all that much to you on it’s own, consider this:

Incontinence is more prevalent than diabetes and asthma combined. And while it may not be life-threatening, it certainly has a sever impact on those that it touches. The rate of incontinence isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon – with our ever-increasing population, and the aging baby-boomers, it is more important than ever to ensure Americans have the resources they need to help deal with conditions like incontinence.

NAFC typically does not receive all that many donations from patients. Though we touch over 1,000,000 on this website, few give to us. However, if today, everyone who visited our site donated just $5, we would reach our goal of raising $15,000 this season.

We know there are many causes that are worthy of your donations. But, this giving season we hope that you will consider donating to NAFC. Your support is vital to ensuring that our organization is able to continue helping those who struggle with incontinence. And, as a thank you for your gift, you'll receive a free eBook that serves as a step-by-step guide to managing your incontinence. 


Thank you for your support,  

Steven G. Gregg, Ph.D,  Executive Director, NAFC