Staying Focused Amid the Online Chatter

Staying focused amid the online chatter

There is so much available online, studies show that our ability to process information has changed with the modern advent of technology and interconnectivity. When information was formally shared and passed through reading or conversations, there was much more room for focused concentration.

Nowadays, you could easily get lost in the interwebs with ads, sidebars, and updates from social networks. With concentration and focus coming at a high cost, it’s no surprise that it’s easy to get overwhelmed online.

We understand the challenge and suggest a simple way to keep yourself focused when researching treatments and suggestions. Keep just one tab open until you complete the task at hand.

Our one-tab-rule might sound silly and trivial but the idea isn’t off base. Even The Atlantic has played off the funny, yet serious wisdom in paring down how you read information online.

When you’re online to learn more about incontinence or bladder and bowel symptoms, opinions and various treatment options are rampant. Add popup ads and notifications, and you’re vulnerable to read things that aren’t credible or helpful to your initial search.

We think focus is key online and can be had if you do one thing at a time.

Do you agree?