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Bladder Health Awareness Month: Be Strong!

Maggie Zehring

As you know, NAFC is a non-profit organization. We work nationwide to improve the quality of life for people with incontinence, voiding dysfunction, and related pelvic floor disorders.  

One of the biggest ways we push this conversation among our supporters, industry leaders, and the community is by promoting November and Bladder Health Awareness month.

This year our Bladder Health Awareness campaign will focus on Strength. We’ve titled our campaign “Be Strong” because we want to highlight physical strength, strength in numbers through community support, and strength in knowledge about best practices.

Throughout November, we’ll be partnering with instructors across the country to host free pelvic floor strengthening classes. Online, we’ll be hosting weekly Twitter chats with special guests to speak specifically to pelvic floor treatment.

And if you’re interested in joining our Be Strong community and sharing your story, you can win prizes all November just for signing up for our newsletter to sharing your story of finding treatment.

At NAFC, we believe that there is no shame in being human, and by providing an opportunity for education and community to those who suffer from incontinence, we hope to bring light to the fact that this is a very common, and very treatable condition.  Let’s all be strong this November!  

To read more about our initiatives in greater detail, visit our website here. And don’t forget to take the next few days to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.