Being Proactive About Finding Peace

Finding Peace

Inner peace is an important tool in managing stress. It can also be an important tool in managing your incontinence. Studies show that cognitive therapy and learning the link between your brain and your bladder can help improve your incontinence symptoms. Being proactive in your treatment plan, and incorporating practices that encourage stillness, may be key to managing your incontinence effectively.

Finding peace or stillness looks different for everyone, but typically benefits everyone in the same way. When you learn what helps you relax, you can focus more clearly, experience more energy, and handle emotional stressors with greater maturity.

Being proactive about finding peace can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For some, being proactive means scheduling regular yoga sessions, always calling a friend on a certain day of the week, or intentionally taking the long way home from work.

When we’re proactive about caring for ourselves, we allow peace to become a part of our daily lives; giving us much needed stillness for our bodies and mind. Talk to your doctor about how cognitive therapy may work for you.

How are you proactive about finding peace in your life?