3 Best Apps for Accountability

Handwritten notes and to-do lists are typically the best way you can help your memory. Studies show that handwriting anything is better than typing—we remember things better when we use a pen and paper.

3 best apps for accountability

We agree that note-taking and doing things the old-fashioned way is valuable, but we can’t help but feel that sometimes a ding on your phone or a reminder on your computer is really helpful.

Apps can save you the headache of forgetting to pack your absorbency products, not remembering if you exercised today, or being overwhelmed by your grocery list.

Here are our three favorite Apps To Keep You Organized:

1. Capsule (Apple App Store) Free

Remembering to get milk at the grocery store can be a pain. It’s not something you want to put in your calendar and if you write it on a sticky note and leave that note on the counter at home, you’re out of luck.

Capsule can help. Type yourself a note with capsule and schedule it to send  to you when you’re at the grocery store!

2. MyLifeOrganized (Windows, Andriod, Apple) Free 45-Day Trial

Need some help in organizing your to-do list? Moving homes or tackling a crazy project at work? Use MyLifeOrganized to tackle the big and small to-dos of life.  

3. Move (Apple App Store) Free

Get reminders throughout the day to get you moving. Move sends you notes to do simple, at-your-desk compatible exercises and movements that will keep your rejuvenated and awake throughout the day.

We hope you like these as much as we do!  And we’d love to hear about your favorite apps for keeping everything in life organized.  Share your suggestions with us in the comments below!