Becoming a designated Center of Excellence (COE) is a mark of high achievement for both the facility and physicians who are awarded the honor.  Embarking on the process to become a designated center means that you are striving to provide the best possible care for your patients.  Please read through the application steps below, as well as the downloadable facility and physician applications, which include the requirements for becoming a designated center. 

  1. A healthcare institution, that specializes in women's pelvic floor reconstruction and male genitourinary reconstructive cases, together with two or more individual providers complete the application. Click to download the list of requirements and the physician application.

  2. Patient satisfaction data collection is initiated and applications are reviewed for interim status in a blind process by a review committee comprised of providers with fully-approved COE status.

  3. Upon achieving interim status, a site visit will be made to the institution/facility to verify application information and a clinical site investigator will personally interview the individual provider applicants. See the site visit requirements here.

  4. Applicants will be granted fully approved status by the review committee or required to submit additional information within 2 years.

  5. NAFC will make a public announcement of fully-approved status and include the COE in a searchable online database for consumers.

  6. Fully approved status is valid for 3 years before renewal is required with updated information.


NAFC has developed several sample templates to help you with your application. Please see the examples below.


While NAFC is a not-for-profit organization, there are application fees to cover program expenses.

1st time applicant fees:

  • Facility application fee (includes site visit): $4500

  • Physician application fee: $300 per physician

Upon approval, the Certification fee is as follows: (initial designation is good for 3 years):

  • Facility: $4500 per year for 3 years

  • Physicians: $300 per physician per year for three years, or $750 per physician paid in full at time of designation.