BE STRONG: Building Strength & A Healthy Prostate Class Materials

NAFC is a strong advocate for educating men and women about their bodies, and helping them learn how to stay strong to avoid or alleviate many of the common problems they face. Our new men's program aims to show male patients the how a strong pelvic floor can play an important part in their bladder and prostate health.  With the help of some amazing physical therapists, we’ve developed a complete course presentation to help you conduct your own class, designed specifically for men.  In addition, we have developed promotional tips, class guides, and branded collateral to help you promote your class locally.  Here’s how to get started:

1.   If you have not already let us know that you will be hosting a class, Contact NAFC ( to let us know all your class details, including LOCATION, DATE, and TIME of the class, as well as a short introduction of the INSTRUCTOR who will be conducting the class.  We’ll add your class information to the list at, and will help to further promote it through emails and social media posts to our member database.

2.     Download and read the Class Instruction Guide and Checklist to get tips on promoting and conducting your class, and a checklist of what to do before, during and after the class.

3.     Download the Class Presentation and familiarize yourself with it prior to the class.  If you already have a pelvic floor strengthening class in place, that’s great!  Just be sure to read our Class Guidelines to ensure that you are sharing the extra information from NAFC and also providing participants with resources from NAFC and the chance to sign up for our newsletter.

4.     Promote Your Class.  We’ve created several branded promotional items for you, including Customizable Posters/Branded Bathroom tips sheets, Branded Email Templates, and Sample Social Media Posts to help you promote your class to in your area.  


Want to meet the men and women who helped us put together this wonderful program?  Click here to view our Advisory Board Panel.