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Read how this cancer survivor found help through NAFC and discovered management strategies and treatment options that made all the difference in taking care of his incontinence.


Meet ALLan

“I’m a cancer survivor and I’m happy to be alive. Some days I’m just happier than others.”

That’s because my prostate surgery caused some nerve damage that resulted in incontinence. In my case, it hasn’t been easy to get used to - I’ve had to reshape my life around it. Imagine never being able to go anywhere – even in your own home – without carefully planning around your incontinence. It made everything feel like a chore and I was overwhelmed. 

Fortunately, I called NAFC and learned what help is available for people like me. In my case, and I’m sure for many, NAFC was crucial in helping me find management strategies and treatment options that can make a real difference. NAFC raises awareness about how widespread incontinence actually is, and they help make it easier for us to talk about it in an open, honest way.

Of course, to make all that help possible, they need plenty of help in return. When it comes time to give, incontinence just doesn’t get the consideration it should – too many people don’t realize how serious an issue it is, or just how little it takes to turn their donations into real, meaningful results.

That’s why I give to the NAFC. Not just because they helped me in ways I can’t even begin to list, but because they can do all that and more for so many other people.