Encourage others to start talking and gain control of their bladder health!  We've made it simple for you to share National Bladder Health Week news, resources, tips and tools with your friends, family and healthcare providers.  We have a variety of  simple activities you can choose from to promote awareness of bladder health.  They are cut and paste one of the sample newsletter or emails below.

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NAFC is a non-profit offering resources for people struggling with incontinence, adult bedwetting, OAB, SUI, nocturia, neurogenic bladder, and pelvic floor disorders like prolapse. 


Support NAFC by becoming a Professional Member. You'll receive valuable benefits, in addition to helping keep this free resource available to your patients and all those struggling with incontinence. 


Now is the perfect time to become an NAFC Continence Care Advocate. NAFC has recently updated the professional membership program benefits. As a member you will now receive a monthly enewsletter called “The Continence Connection” which highlights a key urology topic each month, provides industry related news, expert tips, polls, patient perspectives and product news.

You will also receive a 20% discount code to order patient education materials in our resource center.   NAFC is committed to helping our professional members connect and discuss key industry issues. NAFC will host webinars for members to listen in or participate.  There is so much more offered with a NAFC membership including a USB drive with materials to help you promote your support of NAFC Continence Care, a patient doctor dialogue tool and patient education materials.

Your membership donation directly contributes to our ability to keep useful, insightful, and up-to-date information available to any and all concerned with incontinence, which in turn helps your patients.

Perhaps NAFC.org is the first place people turn before bringing up the subject with their healthcare professional. Or perhaps your patient visits the site after a discussion with you to become more informed.

Your membership donation helps keep this virtuous circle going. You help us. We help your patients. In addition to keeping this invaluable incontinence information FREE, here are some extra benefits that come along with your sponsorship:

Professional Membership:  $65

  • Acknowledged as a Member and added to our provider database, printed certificate acknowledging membership
  • Added to our Find A Doctor patient search tool
  • Receive our Monthly NAFC enewsletter – The Continence Connection
  • 20% discount on patient materials, access to  patient education resource center to download materials or order re-prints
  • Invitation to participate in periodic round tables with other members
  • Ability to contribute to our quarterly e-newsletter
  • Small thank you gift
  • Patient brochure starter pack covering Incontinence, OAB, Bowel Health
  • Patient exam room questionnaire  - 50 sheet notepad
  • USB drive that includes digital copies of patient brochures, a NAFC member logo and the NAFC Patient Exam Room Questionnaire 

Please join us today to receive the above benefits and to ensure that we are able to continue to provide this FREE resource to those who need it the most:  your patients.