Urge Incontinence/ Overactive Bladder (OAB):


  • About 17% of women and 16% men over 18 years old have overactive bladder (OAB) and an estimated 12.2 million adults have urge incontinence. 19
  • One in five adults over age 40 are affected by OAB or recurrent symptoms of urgency and frequency, a portion of whom don't reach the toilet before losing urine. 2
  • OAB and UI occur about twice as frequently in women as in men and become more prevalent with advanced aging. 20
  • Women with OAB are significantly more likely to suffer from other health disorders, such as hypertension, obesity and arthritis, than women without OAB. Also, OAB sufferers are two to three times more likely to regularly experience disturbed sleep, overeating, and poor self-esteem, compared with non-OAB sufferers. 2
  • An estimated 17 million community-dwelling adults in the United States have daily UI and a further 33 million suffer from the overlapping condition, OAB. 1
  • In women between the ages of 20 and 45, the prevalence of overactive bladder was found to be 36.8%. 65