Management Products for Men

If men wish to bypass absorbent products, there are external collection devices available to them.

Penile clamps: Most clamps are designed for men who experience light to moderate leakage. However, some may be effective for men wiht light to heavy leakage. Some clamps wrap around the penis and apply pressure to keep the urethra closed, while others do not wrap around the penis. Some of them may be used at night. Some of the clamps are FDA approved.

Condom catheter: This special catheter looks like a condom with a hole in the end of it. Men who use condom catheters will have the most satisfactory experience if they have the proper size and style, have been taught how to prepare their skin, and change the external catheter regularly. Depending on the type, there is either adhesive on the inside of the catheter to make it stick to the skin or a special strap which is wrapped around the outside of the catheter to hold it in place. External condom catheters should be changed at least once daily for good hygiene and skin protection.
One-piece male external urinary collection device: The category of external collection devices has evolved with many innovations to include those with collection bags concealed in underwear and those with urine collection chambers secured away from the penis. The one-piece male external urinary collection device offers an all-in-one external collection device with a specially designed brief. It is applied over the penis, stays on without adhesive, and has a collection reservoir with a one-way valve that eliminates the need for tubes and leg bags.