Bladder and Bowel Blogs

NAFC has partnered with the HealthCentral Network to bring important information about bladder and bowel health to the ever-growing population of consumers who look to the Web for the latest health news. Using the popular e-communication tool of blogging, NAFC’s Executive Director, Nancy Muller, writes a monthly blog (or article) for HealthCentral’s incontinence site at Ranging in topics from the latest medical research to dealing with incontinence after childbirth, this is yet another tool NAFC uses to disseminate information and encourage discussion among others experiencing bladder and bowel control symptoms.

Read Nancy's blogs, which range in topics from fall prevention to hospital ratings. You may also read about an award given to the NAFC Web site by Wellsphere, a company acquired by HealthCentral Network, because the NAFC Web site is making a difference in the lives of many who deal with health problems.